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Just the right touch

Loved the show. Incredible musician. Fingers just fly. Add just the right touch of humour and you get a great, entertaining time out.

Brian Dompe
WithFringe Theatre
@Edmonton Fringe Festival

Amazing playing!

It was a very good show. The piano playing was amazing! Your thoughts during the Music Box Dancer were at times a bit hard to hear, perhaps from the laughter which is always a good thing. Enjoyed your sense of humour!!

Jackie Mulder

Great for all ages

My name is the same, just pronounced the same as jam. Saw your Aug 22 show with my Dad. Both loved it. Your humour is warm, sweet, a little corny, just the type of show that can be for all ages. Thank you for a great afternoon.

Jan Jackson

Fantastic Talent

I saw Jan at the Sunday 2pm performance was totally surprised and taken aback at the talent Jan possesses. Not only an incredible musician but a very funny comedian. If not for my self control I may have wet my self laughing!
Good Jan look forward to see you perform some more!!

Barry Axani

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